Friday, April 19, 2013

Get Line Sticker From India On iPhone

Congratulate all the Line users have opportunity to get five stickers from India.Many guys have got two stickers from other countries.But those stickers are available about 180 or 90 days.Those five sticker in India is free forever. Including "Sally: Special Edition","Moon: Mad Angry Edition","Moon: Salaryman Special","Cony's Happy Work Life" and "Brown & Cony's Secret Date!".I have guided guys to get many Line stickers from different countries.What you need is to get India vpn. I have searched in google.But i have not found any vpn services provide free or trial vpn account.I connected the Flyvpn customer services.She told me that free trial India vpn server will be added before 21th April.So all the guys who want to get free India VPN can pay more attention to Flyvpn Facebook page.If you do not know how to get Line sticker from India on iPhone.Please follow me step by step.
(1)Please download Line from Google play.Register an account and bind with email.
(2) Refer this Tutorial-How To Setup PPTP VPN On iPhone to setup vpn on iphone.
(3) Please close the Line from Backstage and "Clear Data-Force Stop",Please Connect India vpn successfully,Then log in Line with Email.Please sync the account with your Facebook.Then you will find you can get five Line stickers from sticker shop.
Get Line Sticker From India On iPhone
Free Line Sticker From India
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  1. i have done exactly what you said but these stickers are still paid for me. I am in india and chose indian vpn

  2. This stickers aren't available now.If you want to get other stickers.Taiwan,Japan stickers is available now.Connect to taiwan,Japan VPN,You can get many cute stickers.