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How To Sign Up Garena International account

(Downloads for the beta should be active!)
Beta Download Page
The right box downloads a ZIP file right in your web browser. The left box is for a downloader similar to Pando, but not Pando.

If you're in this forum, you're probably already interested in leaving NA Dungeon Fighter due to it's current state. I'm not an expert on every single thing that's going on with Taiwan Dungeon Fighter (YET!), but I figured making a thread for those interested would be helpful. That being said, there will be SOME educated assumptions in here. Gotta be grateful for the ultra-glorious help of Google translate, and its clear as mud translations. Anyways, there is a Q/A at the endfor any questions you may have regarding the process of signing up, or otherwise. So without further ado~

-Signing up for a Garena Account-

1) Go to the registration page, found at the following website. Garena - The Official Site

2) Put in your information. Most of these options can be changed later, through the "My Accounts" option found on Garena's homepage. It's under the "Garena" drop-down menu.

3) You're done creating your account. This account can be used for log-ins, even for the other regions such as this.

Garena Account Phone Verification

This is a simple process. Your Garena ID levels up, and is given rewards based on time. At level 3, you're able to link a phone number to your account. This is for increased security, mainly. According to Anoke, "It sends a notification text every time you try to change something on your account. This includes changing your password or email, and other changes." So it may be a good idea to do it, and hopefully it'll have no effect on our ability to access TDNF. 

As to how you can level up your account? Currently, I've done nothing (actively) to increase the level on my account, but it shows that I'm level 6 and have 658 gems. I assume it's incentive to stay logged in to their messenger client. So get it, and afk on it! 

-Information on T-DnF-
Rise from the Ashes!

From what I understand, Taiwan's version of Dungeon Fighter was very short-lived. It ran for a few years, being maintained by Gamania, but was shut down on July 11th, 2012. Good news though! Garena and Nexon reached an agreement, and is the new maintainer of T-DnF!

Currently, the only information that is known (correct me if I'm wrong, provide sources), is that they plan to release the game with Season 3 implemented. I'm not sure which updates they'll include as a part of this, as each version has their own way of handling content. Rejoice!

When can I play?! As far as assumptions go, (and a bit of google translate) there will be a period of beta's taking place. These start on February 21st and should last until February 27th. I'll keep you posted if any more information comes around. 

Closed Beta Application

It appears that they've stopped giving out CCB keys. I'll keep up the information on the process, just in case there's some freak accident or whatever else. Hopefully they'll be swift in revealing an open beta date! Stay tuned for that info. 

-Getting your Beta Key-

1) Go to the link provided above for "Closed Beta Application". Log in with your Garena account info.

2) Once logged in, if you successfully received a key, you'll see what appears to be a Serial-Code in green letters/numbers. It will look something like this- DNFTW-UAIG6IAGT3FIU9 This is important, as it's your key code. Copy it and keep it for later.

3) After copying it, click the button found near the code. This should lead you to another page that basically asks you to redeem it. Paste it in, and confirm it bro!

4) Praise the sun, because you should now be eligible to play the game when (one) of the Closed Beta's take place.

-Garena Plus Messenger-

I decided to update the thread with this information, since it seems like it'll be pretty important. Garena Plus is the messenger that you download (maybe there's a choice not to) when installing TDNF. If you desire the language of this system to be English, you can change it by clicking on the gear found at the bottom left of the actual messenger window. It defaults on the region options, where you change the language. The first drop-down box is Language, while the second drop-down is region. It automatically detects your region, but you can change your region to access region-specific services. Very interested in what that means! Anyways, this messenger functions as a sort of hub for everything Garena, including any friends you may meet, and (Garena) games you've got. There seems to be a LAN option, as well as a "Garena Talk" feature which is in beta. I think it's self explanatory that it's aiming at being a substitute for "Team-Speak" or "Ventrillo". 

-Questions & Answers-

Q: Will there be an IP block?
A: We'll have to wait on the information regarding that. Seeing as they're apparently opening up two servers (one for people who can verify accounts with phone numbers, one for people without), the assumption is that they WON'T be issuing IP blocks. It's still a strong possibility though.

Q: Phone activation? WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC?
A: Well, for one, you need to be level 3 on your Garena account to even be eligible for it. How to reach level 3? I'm not quite sure, but it could be a multitude of things. Could be linked to League of Legends, could be based on your account and how many games/hours you play. Might be any of them.

Q: When will it release?
A: Let me jump in my Time Machine. Just kidding! Once again, nobody knows. But if the closed beta ends on the 27th, one would assume open beta commences sometime in March. We'll have to wait for more information, but the closed beta approaches!

Q: I downloaded the game, and this weird IM client shows up. WTF?!
A: Chill out, mang. That's where you'll be launching your games that Garena hosts (at least I'm almost positive). 

Q: Are Garena accounts REALLY international?
A: Yep. Unlike Nexon, which has different divisions with seperate log-in information, Garena seems to allow one "Every region" account. Log in on any region you can find with your information, and it works. If you're skeptical on this, you can always make your account on the Taiwanese site, and set your area to "Taiwan", it doesn't seem to make a difference though.

Q: Will I be able to purchase "NX" and other things? 
A: If we're using Garena credit, it may be possible to purchase "Shells" (their currency) and use them on the Taiwanese games. This isn't confirmed, but I'll be willing to test this when the game comes around.

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